Friday means fun!

friday means fun, photography


Friday means fun is you weekly dosis of good vibes before the weekend! In this post you’ll find 5 fun and inspiring images, 5 interesting links of things I’ve found around the net and 3 links to past posts from Fünf Gemüse.

Don’t say friday is too long after this! Click “continue reading” to see them all!

How to REALLY cook a paella, for those who have never eaten a real one

– I love this video about the brand Staedler and the pencil industry in Germany

Hilarious videoon how animals eat

– Now that Game of Thrones is back, here is an article about some beautiful spots of the serie you should see

– Very nice drawings from  Àlex Raventós, who draws people on the metro through an iPad app


Past posts from Fünf Gemüse to enjoy:

Lettres d’un inconnu: Snail mail for strangers

– Design: I love you daily

– Travel: floating theater in Thailand


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