Friday means fun!

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It’s finally friday! I hope you all had a good week! And to finish it even better, here you have 5 fun links+images!

– Have you seen the last wonderful project by Paris photographer Pierre Prospero?

Nice idea if you have a gift to buy for a kid

Ana Botella haciendo cosas, a very funny Tumblr, only for those who know who that evil woman is (in spanish)

– Would you like a Hobbit-inspired house?

– Honeycomb balls look easy to do but I don’t believe so

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by Kay Rosen | via tumblr

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How Twitter can be turned into art? Daily Random Word Doodles

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Charles Santoso, an artist currently residing in Sydney seemed to be bored with his job or school or whatever he spents his journeys on. I say it seems because a few months ago he created a blog, and therefore a project called Daily Random Word Doodle. He asks to his followers in Twitter to suggest a word, and then he picks up the first word that someone tweets. Then, he creates a digital illustration for each word and upload it in his blog.

Apparently, this allows him to keep him creative and I guess that he also takes pleasure out of it, judging by how fun the results are. It is a wonderful work of detail, humour and drawing techinque. Nevertheless I have to warn you that he doesn’t consider the drawings “finished” and they are just “doodles”. But I guess you and I both will agree that they look pretty fine to us…

I would strongly reccomend you to check out his other works, they really are amazing.


See all the doodles.

Illustration: Bea Crespo


Bea Crespo’s illustrations are special and creative, and they make us travel to her magic universe of pale colours and fantastic characters. She has worked for magazines such as le Cool, The Clerkenwell Post or Fricote Magazine.

She call her projects “Beadas“, coming from her name Bea. With her illustrations I wish you all a happy monday!

More in her portfolio

3 videos

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In this new video selection you’ll find a bit of art, a bit of good cinema and a bit of clever advertising. For once, everything is European. The great New York illustration has ben made by english designer Patrick Vale. The short movie (only in french, sorry!) was directed by Émilie Cherpitel. Finally, the Volkswagen Golf Rabbit commercial is currently broadcasted in Spain. Enjoy!

Friday means fun and I is for Ice Cream

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Ice cream best times are almost over, and soon we all be hearing nothing but Christmas songs. To celebrate the start of what could easily be the last warm weekend, here you have some creative pieces that have ice creams as the main topic. Now that I think..who said we couldn’t eat ice cream in winter? : )

Ice cream in the snow - Pen and Ink Illustration - 5 x 7 Print

Neapolitan ice cream // 8x10 art print

By Flapperdoodle

Ice Cream Greeting Card

By badbooks

Crying Ice Cream

By Chibipan

11"x14" Art/Illustration Poster Print - Signed, Ice Creams, Retro Kitchen, Kitsch

by Lauraskilbelk

Kitchen Decor - Ice Cream Flavors - 8.5x11 and 8x10 Print - Digital Illustration Poster - Kitchen Art

By Sal Y Azúcar 

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Illustration by EllenCrimiTrent

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Ice Cream Art by Herzensart

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Illustration by Nacho DiazPinned Image

Illustration by Klas Fahlen.

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I’ve tried to give credit for all the images, but for some of them it seems impossible to find out who’s the author. Please don’t hesitate and let me know if you are aware to whom they might be.

Oh, and did I told you Fünf Gemüse is also on Pinterest?

Illustration: Untranslatable words

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Siesta is a spanish word and you all know what it means, appearing in most dictionaires around the world. But there are some words, like Schadenfraude in German that don’t have a direct translation in any language. This is what has probably inspired Irish illustrator Fuchsia Macaree to create this Untranslatable Dictonary Illustration.

I believe it’s a “Renao”!


I’ve made some A2 posters of the A-Z which are for sale in my shop!

I also have one A0 print (mounted and on archival somerset paper) of the
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See all the illustations.