Photography: Where is Momo?


American designer Andrew Omner realized that his border collie, named Momo, always hide in unexpected places when throwing him sticks. That is why he started to photograph him with Instagram, and the result is a website called Find Momo where the spectators has to play the game of finding the dog in the most unexpected places.

Ben Thomas and its minature photography



Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas has traveled around the world and shot cities with the tilt-shift technique. The result are miniaturized cities that only increases more and more my aim to travel! And you?

Photgraphy+Typography+Europe= always a good call

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Gokhun Guneyhan is a turkish designer who likes to travel around Europe making pictures. Yeah, I know there’s no big deal, we all do that, right? But what we don’t do is to go home, download the pictures and try to find a typography that perfectly matches the feel the city has (let’s face we’d be lucky if we get to name every folder with the name of the city the pictures where taken!). That’s probably what makes him different. And I guess also because the results are quite remarcable. I’ve been in most of the cities he’s displaying and I’ve felt somehow the same exact things his tipography shows:



Friday means fun!

friday means fun


Hey there! How was your week people? Hope it ran smooth!

As usual, here you have a selection of pictures I always share on friday. If you are new in Fünf Gemüse and you wonder why this post is always like this is because it’s a selection of some images that have got my eye throughout the week and don’t have the time or enough reasons to give them a separate blog post. This is why this selection is so randomn and you can find from places I’d like to go, animals, fun images, crafts or just curiosities.

In any case, I hope you enjoy them! And I also want o give you a few fun links to complete the day before hitting the weekend!

This USB could actually be useful for someone like me who tends to loose things

Fun chart: Gandalf problem solving (via Pensar para Vender)

New food blog discovery: yummy!

– A song

And a video : )


Bugs Bunny | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

monster party favor -

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Imagen pineada

St. Patrick's Day



Photography: Animal camouflage



That animals camouflate is no secret for anyone. Hiding can basically save their lifes, and I believe this is quite a big deal. It has happened to many of us that being surrounded by nature we can’t see the animals, even though we know they are there, hiding from us who are some kind of danger for them. Maybe this is why none of us have captured them wildlife photographer Art Wolfe has done.

His series of camouflated animals have been enthusiastically approved not only by its creativity but also for its uniquecity. This project has been a result of years of work, patiente and, sometimes, luck.

Admire this piece of art (if you can spot the animals!)

leopard in Kruger National Park, South Africa

caiman in Venezuela

tattler chick Wrangell-St Elias

impala Botswana Chobe National Park

Japanese macaques Honshu island

giraffe in Transvaal, South Africa

Bengal tiger in Bandhavgarh National Park, India

white-tailed ptarmigans, Manitoba, Canada

California ground squirrel, Art Wolfe

great grey owl, Oregon

Friday means fun!

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It’s finally friday! I hope you all had a good week! And to finish it even better, here you have 5 fun links+images!

– Have you seen the last wonderful project by Paris photographer Pierre Prospero?

Nice idea if you have a gift to buy for a kid

Ana Botella haciendo cosas, a very funny Tumblr, only for those who know who that evil woman is (in spanish)

– Would you like a Hobbit-inspired house?

– Honeycomb balls look easy to do but I don’t believe so

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by Kay Rosen | via tumblr

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Photography: aerial beaches by Malin Gray



Imagine the scene: summer. Hot, very hot. Beach. Thooousands of people who had the same idea as you did. It doesn’t seem to exist a single spot left in the beach to put your towel, and while you finally go to swim, you feel like in a giantic crowded pool.

American photographer Gray Malin seems to know this and his series of aerial pictures from differents beaches around the world. For him, though, is more like a piece of art: ““From above, a simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows me to start seeing the world as art. People and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss.”

(picture above is Bondi Beach in Sydney)


Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia


Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


Cancun Resort, Mexico


Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France