What do I do when I’m not blogging

IMG_0964 copie

Wow. It’s been a while. I’ve received some very nice comments lately wondering where I was. No I haven’t locked myself in a monastery with access to the internet limited. But almost. I’ve found a job. A job which I’m passionate about, and that lets me very little time off to wonder around the internet finding good stuff to blog about. This is the only reason why I haven’t been posting that much lately, asI don’t want to bring poor content to this collection of wonderful things. Will I be back? Probably. When? That’s hard to know, but I’d love to see you around when this happens :)


Illustration: Drawings in sandwich bags


David LaFerriere introduces himself like this : “I’m the Dad that draws on sandwich bags“. And he is right. Since his child was a kid he has been drawing a different motive in his kid’s sandwich bags. He has then shot each drawing and post it in his Flickr. This means more than 1100 fun drawings to explore, while wondering how jealous this kid’s classmates would have been…

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