Ben Thomas and its minature photography



Melbourne-based photographer Ben Thomas has traveled around the world and shot cities with the tilt-shift technique. The result are miniaturized cities that only increases more and more my aim to travel! And you?

Photgraphy+Typography+Europe= always a good call

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Gokhun Guneyhan is a turkish designer who likes to travel around Europe making pictures. Yeah, I know there’s no big deal, we all do that, right? But what we don’t do is to go home, download the pictures and try to find a typography that perfectly matches the feel the city has (let’s face we’d be lucky if we get to name every folder with the name of the city the pictures where taken!). That’s probably what makes him different. And I guess also because the results are quite remarcable. I’ve been in most of the cities he’s displaying and I’ve felt somehow the same exact things his tipography shows:



Photography: aerial beaches by Malin Gray



Imagine the scene: summer. Hot, very hot. Beach. Thooousands of people who had the same idea as you did. It doesn’t seem to exist a single spot left in the beach to put your towel, and while you finally go to swim, you feel like in a giantic crowded pool.

American photographer Gray Malin seems to know this and his series of aerial pictures from differents beaches around the world. For him, though, is more like a piece of art: ““From above, a simple beach or pool becomes a blank canvas that allows me to start seeing the world as art. People and objects become patterns creating repetition, shape and form. These photographs are a visual celebration of color, light, shape—and summer bliss.”

(picture above is Bondi Beach in Sydney)


Coogee Beach, Sydney, Australia


Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia


Cancun Resort, Mexico


Costa da Caparica, Lisbon, Portugal


Rio de Janeiro, Brasil


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France


Saint Tropez, France


Modern art in Versailles



Le Chateau de Versailles is a well-known palace of the french aristocracy. This is where Marie Antoinette ate cakes, and where she lost her head. Thus, it is an iconic place of the classic architecture and the visible explanation that, in the old times, aristochrats were rich and had nice houses.

This is why is quite surprising that modern art can be found across its doors. Therefore, a giant Jeff Koons balloon sculpture it’s visible in a courtyard or a Joana Vasconcelos crotched installation has been installed in the stairs.

I do think that this is jutxtaposition is quite interesting, what about you?


Dancers in an urban context: Little Shao photographies


Little Shao is how the Paris based Thinh Souvannarath photographer likes to be called. We focus on this artist today because of this delicate, graceful and elegant series of photographies. Focused on shooting dancers in an urban atmosphere, Shao has been capable of creating a right balance between the classical world of dance, with its shoes and clothes with the urban envoirenment. Some of you will certainly recognize some of the spots, as the métro in Paris or the Tour Eiffel.

The combination has left us a very interesting project, that you will certainly love:



Photography: Paris sous la pluie

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Paris is a beautiful city, no one has doubts about that. However, despite the books, the films and the endless clichés about la Ville Lumière, Paris is not a sunny city. Is not the place where everyday you can see a blue sky and drink a coffee in a terrace. Actually, the rain is one of the main characters in the city and has ruined more than one romantic escape to the french capital.

Photographer Christophe Jacrot knows that and in his serie Paris sous la pluie helps us see this grey and rainy side of the city, yet beautiful and inspiring.

After this serie I hope no one will ever travel to Paris again without bringing an umbrella!

60x90 cm ed.12 / 70x105 cm ed.8

50x75 cm ed.12 ex

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 ed.12/70x105 ed.8 Last prints

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm ed.12

60x90 cm  ed.12 / 80x120 cm ed.8

70x105 cm ed 12 / 80x120 cm ed 8

/ 70X105 cm ed.8 / 80x120 ed.3

60x90cm ed.12/70x105cm ed.8

60x90cm sold out / 53x80 cm ed.10

Übergang by Josef Schulz, photograhpy of old european borders


Josef Schulz is a polish photographer who has shot a really interesting serie called Übergang (transition in german). In his pictures you can see some of the buildings that composed the old borders in Europe, before the different gouvernments decided to open them more than 20 years ago.

vestige poste frontiere europe 02 Vestiges des frontières européennes

I like the old-school vintage retro look that those buildings. On the other hand, I can’t stop thinking how weird was for our parents to have to cross the borders with the police controls and have to change the money as well. How useful is the Euro zone? Hope is not going to change any time soon!

I easily recognized this one because it is actually still working, this is the border from Andorra to Spain.

The sleeping animal Projectzzz


Everyone that knows me will know that I love to take pictures of animals. My poor cat has been suffering from it since she was a baby, and I think that now she secretly enjoys it. Anyway, I have looots of animal pictures in my computers. Some are cute, some are not. One day I suddenly realized that I have quite a lot of pictures where the animals are…well, sleeping. Or resting. Or both.

That’s why I have decided to put them all together and do a serie of the sleeping animals projectzzz!

I can’t decide on which one is the cutter, but I guess we’ll all agree than the big black bat is better that way than when he flies over your head in the Australian parks 😀

Enjoy !




Pictures taken in : Otters (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Seagull (Sydney, Australia), Kangaroo (Port Stephens, Australia), I don't know what this is (Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia), dwarf hippo (Zoo Singapore), White tigger (Zoo Singapore), african fox (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Sheep (Basque Country), Red Panda (Zoo La Rochelle, France), Tiger (Zoo La Rochelle, France), koala (Taronga Zoo, Sydney), Camel (Zoo Barcelona), flying-fox bat (Sydney, Australia), dolphin (Zoo Barcelona), cat (home!).